3.1.2: How religious experience may lead to belief in God:

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Main points:

Religious believers who have had a religious experience will find that the experience makes their belief in God stronger, because they believe they have had a direct contact with God.

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Numinous experience:

Feeling of the presence of God.

when people are in a religious building in a beautiful place or looking up at stars on a clear night they may be filled with the awareness that there is something greater than them, which they feel to be God.

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used to describe an experience of God which is so great that people experiencing it want to change their lives or religion&want to commit themselves to God in a special way.

Conversion experiences make people believe in God because they feel that God is calling them to do something for him.

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an event that breaks the laws of science&can only be explained by God.

if you experience something that seems to break the laws of science you will look for an explanation you can think of is a mirake you will start believing in God

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religious believers think they can make contact with God through prayer.

if the person praying feels that God is listening to the prayer then they are likely to believe that God exists.

Also, answered prayers for example when a person asks for a recovery&if God answers them will lead to a belief in God.

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evaluation questions:

- numinous experience is caused by you surroundings whether a Church/stars may have nothing to do with God.

- All miracles can be explained. For example, Jesus may have not been dead when he was taken down from the cross&so he just recovered rather than rising from the dead.

- there are more unaswered prayers than answered prayers surely proves that God doesn't exist.

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