2.4 Giant metallic structures

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2.4 Giant metallic structures

Metal atoms are arranged in layers, when a force is applied the metal layers  can slide over each other. They can move into new positions without breaking apart, so metal bends or stretches into new shapes. This makes matals useful in different ways.

ALLOYS - mixtures of metals or metals mixed with other elements. Different sized atoms distort the the layers in the metal structure and make it more difficult for them to slide. Alloys are harder than pure metals

SHAPE MEMORY ALLOYS - can be bent or deformed into different shapes and then when heat is applied they return back to their orginal shape

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2.4 Giant metallic structures

(http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-3f0Vv9MMhtk/UECykDCIMtI/AAAAAAAAAG4/SzAv1agCsHE/s1600/download.jpg)Metal structures have delocalised(free electrons) maing them good conductors of heat/electricity because the delocalised electrons move throughout the giant metallic lattice structure and can transfer energy quickly.

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