2.2 Data and Information

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2.2 Data and Information


Data - Raw facts, figures which has no meaning unless the data is put into context.

Direct: collected for specific purpose.

Indirect: data collected for entirely different purpose.

Encoding Data - data needs to be encoded into understandable format for the machines. (Examples: Pictures to BMP or JPG, Sound to WAV or MP3, Text to DOC or PDF)

Coding Data - Need to code data to enable easier data input


1. Appropriate - Can be produced in many forms

2. Clear - Must be clear to read and understand properly.

3. Timely - Old information useless. If exam paper been stolen before the exam day, its great value, but day after the exam would be useless.

4. Concise - Right amount of information should be displayed, stored in order for good quality.

5. Up-To-Date -  Need to be up-to-date for good quality.

6. Correct - Information to be correct to be in any use.

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