2.2 Attitudes to abortion

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2.2 Attitudes to abortion

Many of the christian churches have a re;ative morality in their aproach to abortion - they adapt the rules to different situations but would still see abortion as a last resort. The most common secular (non - religious) view is that the woman should have the right to choose an abortion herself if she wshes it after counselling, as she has the right over her own body. A secular approach would usually consider that the foetus is not a person until some time into its development (usually 22 weeks). However, some people hold different views as to when a foetus becomes a person, such as conception, when brain activity starts, when the foetus becomes recognisable in the womb, when it moves, when it is viable, at birth.

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2.3 Christian attitudes to fertility treatment

Some people object to fertility treatment as it may be used by people who are in a homosexual relationship or are not in a relationship at all but still wan to have children, or have passed the natural age for child - bearinf but still want to have a baby.

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2.4 Christian attitudes to cloning

Christian teaching about the sanctity of life says that humans are not tools for science, nor a means to an end, no matter how well intentioned the action

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2.5 Christian attitudes to suicide

Most christains believe that the right response to suicide is to be loving and forgiving. People who attempt suicide should be helped to overcome the reasons which made them want to kill themselves. People who do commit suicide should be regarded with respect and understanding not condemned.

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2.6 Christian attitudes to euthanasia

Euthanasia is related to suicide, because it is about people choosing when and how a life should end - either their own life, or the life of someone who is unable to make the choice. The difference between euthansia and suicide is that euthanasia involves more than one person.

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2.7 Christian beliefs about the use of animals in

There are no specific passages in the Bible about animal testing but many christains will refer to passages from Genesis about stewardship and dominon to support their opinions.

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