20th centuary public health

individuals in public health in the 20th centuary

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Rowntree and Booth + Lloyd george

Rowntree and Booth were social reformers, Rowntree reasearched poverty in york whilst Booth researched peverty in London. they found out that 1/3 of people live in poverty and the cause of poverty is low wages. put into context the Boar war 1899-1901, 1/3 of the volunteers were too unhealthy to fight, poverty caused unhealthiness and sickness.

  • poor quality housing
  • poor diet
  • cant work if sick
  • no NHS cant acess healthcare.

they helped the government to see that poverty made people sick. 1906-1919- government action- liberal reform.

  • OAP pensions
  • sickness benefits
  • unemployment benefits
  • free school meals
  • council houses

Lloyd george made it happen, he fought opposition from the wealthy.

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William Beveridge + Nye Bevan

NHS - 1946 it was passed, 1948- it came into action

  • free healthcare for everyone
  • beveridge report 1942
  • civil servant
  • WW2 - created a desire for a better world - created a sense of unity - rich people became more aware of the extent of poverty.

Beveridge wrote a report which included the 5 evils and how to conquer them; squilalor- council housing, idleness- jobs, ignorance- education, want- benefits, disease- NHS.

doctors opposes the NHS because they would be on a set salary and would loose money and freedom.


  • ministor of health for labour party
  • power + money to make things happen
  • won over support of the doctors- if they joined the NHS he would allow private patients.
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