1st Reform Act

Pre 1st act, passing of act , effects and terms of act!

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Pre 1st reofrm act

Pre 1st Act

1750 - Industrial Revolution (invention of machines) - The invention of machines lead to factories as before people used to make things by hand so new industrial towns were made.

  • 1. This affected society - the mc was introduces (factory owners,bankers etc) , power is in the hands of the UC and the mc want some power to vot
  • 2. Unfair Representation - Rotton Boroughs e.g Dunwhich (borough) had only few people in had 2 MP's whilst Lancashire (county) has 2 mps with thousands of people!!
  • 3. Public, open voting system - Patronage!!

Other Key Events!

French Revolution - Before the 1st reform act it was the mc with the wc so the uc thought they might start a revolution so they gave the vote to the mc to get them on their side

Us war of independance, Napoleonic wars

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