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Restless Earth!

Differences between oceanic and continental tectonic

  • OCEANIC CRUST = found under the oceans and is thin and but dense as it is made
    out of basalt with no crystals in it as it cooled very quickly.
    CONTINENTAL CRUST = is the land and is thick but less
    dense as it is made out of granite which contains crystals as it
    cooled very slowly.

Different layers of the Earth and how they differ:

  • The lithosphere (which is solid) is split into tectonic
    · These move slowly (2-5cm/yr) on top of a layer called
    the asthenosphere (which is like porridge)
    Meteorites give us a clue as to what the core is like.
    How do we know that the inside of the earth is hot?
    lava from volcanoes
    hot springs.
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