19th Century child labour


They used to

  • Sell things
  • Prostitute 
  • Working in mills and factories etc
  • Working on farms
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Lord Shafesbury

A politician who was interested in helping factory workers. He was involved in the passing factory acts of 1847+1850's. These laws which reduced the amount of hours children would be allowed to work. He also helped to set up "ragged schools" which were schools for very poor children who would otherwise be unable to get an education.

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Thomas Barnardo

He was working in east London during the cholera outbreak of the 1860s, he realized how many children were homeless and living on the streets.

In 1870 he opened up an orphanage for homeless boys and in 1873 opened a similar orphanage for girls. At the end of his life, he managed to save 60,000+ homeless children and have 60+ Orphanages. 

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