1929 General Election

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Legacy of Ramsay MacDonald's moderate 1924 government hoped to bring in more moderate voters

Condemned Baldwin's actions in the General Strike and the Red Friday subsidies. Pleased the TUC

Series of public works proposed - not calculated financially not given a lot of prominence in the manifesto

Reorganisation of industry in the interest of all


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'Safety First' - uninspiring, lacklustre, felt like the party had run out of steam

Hoped to exploit another 'red scare' but failed

No real programme to offer the electorate

Didn't emphasise successful policies

Aftermath of General Strike had lost working class support

Raised rates just before the election

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Declining party. First-past-the-post voting system doesn't favour a 3rd party in politics

Won 6 by-elections (1927-29)

£400000 from Lloyd George's personal funds

Carefully costed scheme of public works paid for initially by loans - would then cause economic expansion due to multiplier effect

Could Lloyd George be trusted?

513 candidates fielded

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