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The Value of the Cosmological Argument for Religio

How it supports religious faith:

  • When added to other arguments and reasons for the existance in God the reasons for believing in God are strengthened.
  • Aruguments support religious people's already existing faith in God. Fideism = religious beliefs cannot be justified by rational means, only through faith.
  • People with faith will look at the universe and see motion and change and cause and effect and accept that they were bought about by God.
  • An atheist will see the universe as the result of random chance because they don't have religious faith.
  • God is unique and the laws of nature do not apply to God, so God can be infinite.
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The Value of the Cosmological Argument for Religio

How it doesn't support religious faith:

  • Bertrand Russell said the universe is simply a "brute fact." God can neither be proven nor disproven whatever evidence is presented. So arguments for the existance of God have no value.
  • Even if there was a first cause of the universe there is no evidence of this God being the God of classical theism.
  • Hume said the first cause could be the material, physical world rather than God.
  • Aquinas and Craig contradict themselves when they reject the possibility of the infinite - they both believe in an infinte God but deny an infinite universe.
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