1500-1700: Factors that influenced change

Factors that influenced change in medicine in the period 1500-1700.

Factor 1: The Black Death

Black Death of 1348

Survivors better off- higher wages

More spare time

More money

Spent it on education

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Factor 2: Wealth & Education

Ancient Greek and Roman ideas came back

Thought they were intelligent & thoughtful

Middle Ages people- ignorant

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Factor 3: New Translations of Galen

1500s people reading old translations.

Made new translations.

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Factor 4: Attitudes changed

Challenged existing ideas

Asked questions

Felt they were like Ancient Greeks

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Factor 5: Religion changes

Church split (Protestant & Catholic)

No power or influence

Doctors- carry out dissections & experiments

Old ideas questioned

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Factor 5.2: Enquiry & Rational Thinking

More rational way of thinking

Questioned old ideas

Asked questions

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