1.4.b Mangawhai-Pakiri

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Economic Development

  • Sand is an essential mineral resource in the modern economy
  • Used for
    • Construction
    • Concrete
    • Glass
    • Beach replenishment
  • Northeast of New Zealand off the Mangawhai-Pakiri coastline is high-quality sand that is suitable for construction
  • 50km North of Auckland
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Current Dredging

  • 70 years of dredging along the 20km coastline
  • From 1994 to 2004, 165,000 cubic metres of sand per year has been removed
  • Currently 75,000 cubic metres until 2020
  • Currently being used to replenish beaches for tourists in Auckland
  • Deposited during the Holocene 9000 years ago, the sand is a non-renewable source and the closed system has been impacted by this
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Unintentional Impact

  • Current rates are unsustainable
  • Beaches have become starved of sediment
  • This causes beaches to be wider and flatter
  • Beaches are absorbing more energy increasing erosion
  • Loss of vegetation increases the impact of wind erosion
  • Less natural protection against storm events due to the dredging
  • All impacts are exaggerated by climate change causing higher sea levels
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