1.2.b The Jurassic Coast

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Physical factors impacting the coastline

  • Extremely long fetch of 3000km
  • Layers of rock in both concordant and discordant layers
  • South-Westerly winds causing lonshore drift
  • Very powerful waves due to deep waters and long fetch
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Inter-relationship of landforms

Budleigh Salterton

  • Red sandstone cliffs
  • Very resistant to erion
  • Horizontal rock bedding
  • All leads to steep cliff face

Chesil Beach

  • 29km long
  • Offshore sediment retreat
  • Tombolo is formed to the Isle of Portland

Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove

  • Arch formation (DD)
  • Resistant rock was breached
  • Less resistant rock behind eroded quickly

Concordant Coastline - Isle of Purbeck, South-facing

Discordant Coastline - Isle of Purbeck, East-facing

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How Coast changes over time

  • Generally, very long time peiod
  • Hundreds of years for Chesil Beach
  • Chesil Beach was formed as over time as sea levels rose the coast retreated back to where we now have Chesil beach where it connects to the Isle of Portland creating a tombolo
  • Accelerating due to climate chnage causing rising sea levels
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