1.1.Fundamentals of Computer Systems


Computer Systems

A computer system is made up of hardware and software and it is capable of:

  • data input-  using input devices
  • data processing-  using a microprocessor, typically the Central Processing Unit(CPU)
  • data outputs-  using output devices

It may also be capable of:

  • data storage-  so data can be stored for later use
  • data transmission-  so data can be transferred to another computer system
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Inputs and outputs in computer systems

The basic model of a computer system is built on Inputs,Processes,Storage and Outputs.



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Hardware refers to any component that has a physical presence ad can therefore be touched.They fit onto 5 different types:

  • Input Devices-
  • Processing Devices-
  • Storage Devices-
  • Communication Devices-
  • Output Devices-
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