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tick signs and symptoms


Ticks look like a grey dot attached to the skin that may be mistaken for warts. they are most commonly found in areas where there is little or no hair on the animal(such as in/around the ears, inside of the legs, in between the toes.)



lameness lethargy

joint pain (although these are more likely if the animal has been infected with lyme disease.)

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Tick treatment

Safe removal of the tick using tick tweezers-grab hold of the head of the Tick then twist anti clockwise until the tick comes away from the animal, ensuring the whole tick has been removed.

alternatively, smear the tick with petroleum jelly and leave it to suffocate 

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Tick prevention

Regular use of preventative treatments such as treatments applied directly to the aniamls fur, sprays, collars impregnated with tick repellant. 

avoiding areas where ticks are more common, such as woodland areas and long rough grass, between march and october.

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