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The basic community unit in Islam is world are also fating. One of the
family. It is the responsibility of main purposes of fasting is to help
wealthier family members to acre Muslims to feel what it is like to be
for the less wealthy members. hungry, to identify with the poor
`He who eats and drinks while his and to encourage them to be
brother goes hungry is not one of generous in their giving to others.
us'. Zakah: an important duty for
Most Muslims call the worldwide Muslims is to follow the five pillars.
community of all believers the These pillars help Muslims to
Ummah. Some Muslims believe that express their faith and to worship
the Ummah only refers to Muslim Allah. They also show unity
countries and that it does not between Muslims because all
include Muslims living in Britain. The believers are expected to obey
Ummah gives Muslims all over the the 5 pillars.
world a feeling of support. Muslims Muslims are expected at the end
are encouraged to seek help from of each lunar year to give 2.5% of
other Muslims not from people of their income to help poor Muslims
other religions. The annual fast around the world. The Qur'an
during Ramadan is made easier by makes it clear where this money
the knowledge that millions of should go `Alms are for the poor
Muslims around the and needy'.
Muslims believe that all property It is said that Sadaqah should be Muslim Aid
belongs to Allah. The property that given so that the right hand of the Muslim Aid is guided by the
Muslims own should not only be for giver does not know what the left teachings of Islam and the
their use, but to help the poor hand is doing. Sadaqah also principle that the best way to
because this is what Allah expects.
encourages Muslims to offer tackle poverty and its causes is
Giving zakah brings blessing from
practical help. Sadaqah can be by enabling individuals to
Allah. The word `zakah' literally
means purity because giving purifies given to non-Islamic charity like support themselves and to
a person from greed and Comic Relief and Oxfam to help become less dependant on
selfishness. Muslims believe that in them carry put their good work. others. The vision of Muslim Aid
creating hardships for themselves Islamic Relief is to reduce poverty, provide
that has more of an understanding Islamic Relief works in the world's education and basic facilities
of how the poor feel. poorest countries. They want to etc.
Sadaqah: Muslims are encouraged empower people to lift An example of M.A work is
to give to good causes voluntarily.
themselves out of poverty by taking place in Gaza.
This can take form of money, time
providing the opportunity and the Supplying food, medical
or prayer. Muslims should perform
Sadaqah without boasting about equipment to make it possible. It equipment and clean water.
what they are doing. believes that people should be Starting income generation
able too take control of their own projects.
lives. They help them by: M.A supports children in Gaza
education, training, healthcare etc. through its Rainbow Family
Programme, which sponsors
orphans, and needy families.

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Muslim Aid works in 3 main ways to
help people in LEDCs:
1) Working for Justice. Muslim Aid
supports other charities in
campaigning against unfair trade.
It outs pressures on MEDC
governments to trade fairly with
LEDCs and also to be more
willing o make loans to LEDCs
without charging interest.
2) M.A also provides long term aid
to LEDCs in the form of: training
in important skills. Education: M.A
helps to deliver education by
building schools.
3) M.…read more


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