Youthful population : The Gambia case study

Youthful population : The Gambia case study

the causes, the implications and the management.

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Youthful population ­ case study
About The Gambia
It has poor soil means lots of work needs to be done
to bring in little crops.
They are mainly Muslim (against contraception)
More boys than girls go to school
The Gambia in and LEDC and doesn't have much
Why is there a youthful population?
A very high doctor to patient ratio (1: 14,536)
Short life expectancy
Women = 57
high infant mortality rate of 73 per 1000 people (so parents tend to have a lot of children as
many of them die in their first few years, however this is slowly falling.)
High birth rate, 40 per 1000 people
High death rate, 9.24 per 1000 people
High child birth death rate, 11 mother die in child birth for every 1000 births
Because of religion contraception is frowned upon.
Dependency ratio
There is a high dependency ratio of 86:100.
× Because health care has improved slightly the population is growing VERY fast!
× The high dependency ratio means the workers have to work a lot to feed and care for
× Over crowing in homes
× Desertification of forest because to wood is used for housing, fuel and to sell.
× A lack in education to support all the children. Also education facilities are poor.
× 1 in 3 Fourteen years olds have to work to support the family.
Especially in agriculture children help to earn food for the family
There will be a large and cheap labour force in The Gambia
What is being done?

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Contraception awareness
Improvement of health facilities, vaccines, more care for pregnant/new mothers (so there is
a lower infant mortality rate and death of
Awareness about public health is being raised and it is being taught in schools.
More girls are being taught as they will then teach the children.
Managing resources and education the population how to care for their environment.…read more


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