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Your healthy active body
By Callum Mcinerney and co…read more

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What's optimum weight
· Optimum weight is where you are being
the right weight for you but you use all
different variables such as age , height,
bone structure and so on.
· Height- if your tall then you are more likely to weigh more. If your short more likely to
weigh less.
· Bones structure ­ bigger bone structure more will weigh because bones weigh.…read more

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· Obese ­ Harmful condition where a
person has a high proportion of body fat
· Underweight - People who do not have
enough body fat to age and height
· Over fat ­ Where you have more body fat
than you should…read more

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· Endomorph ­ Large appearance ,
trouble loosing weight , can gain muscle ,
only specific to a sport for example sumo
wrestling…read more

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Mesomorph ­ muscular build like
athletes. Gain muscle easily. Little fat.
Specific sport aca speed or mobility.…read more

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Ectomorph ­ Tall and thin , delicate
structure , light muscles , specific for
endurance…read more


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