Yeats September 1913

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September 1913:
1. `But fumble in a greasy till'
a. Business men are corrupt and untrustworthy
b. Greed
2. `And add the halfpence to the pence / And prayer to the shivering
a. Pence is such a small amount yet they still take it
b. Money and religious are all they care about
c. Where is the care for Ireland?
3. `You have dried the marrow from the bone'
a. Emphasizes absolute annihilation
4. `For man were born to pray and save'
a. Ironic
i. Money or the people?
5. `Romantic Ireland's dead and gone / It's with O'Leary in the grave
a. Refrain
b. He was a man with no self-interest
c. Didn't need to make a martyr of himself unlike those in Easter
6. `Yet they were of a different kind / The names that stilled your childish
a. The great heroes of Ireland
b. Comparing them to the business owners
7. `They have gone about the world like wind'
a. Don't have a set home
b. No longer tangible
c. Names are known but not their doings
8. `But little time had they to pray'
a. The best prayer is action
9. `For whom the hangman's rope was spun / And what God help us could
they save?
a. What did those who died in Ireland achieve?
b. Their deaths fuelled greed
10. `Was it for this the wide geese spread'
a. The wild geese are Irish men who went abroad to fight for other
11. `For this'
a. Repetition emphasizes Yeats desperation for the situation
b. Rhyme scheme is compounded which again shows desperation
12. Edward Fitzgerald
a. Leader against the 1798 revolution against the British
i. Died during revolution
13. Robert Emmet
a. Hanged for leading a small uprising in Dublin in 1805
14. Wolfe Tone
a. In 1798 he sailed to France to collect a small army to help Ireland
but he was arrested so committed suicide before he was hung
15. `Delirium'

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Sacrifice for nothing
i. Easter 1916 `ignorant good will'
ii. In memory of... `Some vague Utopia'
16. `You'd cry, `some women's yellow hair / has maddened every mother's
a. Cathleen Houlihan had blond hair
b. Idea of yellow suggests fake and distorted
17. `They weighed so lightly what they gave'
a. If you truly care about Ireland you life is nothing
b. Only when you realize your life is nothing do you stand a chance
against the revolution
c.…read more


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