Wuthering Heights Name Meanings

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Name Meaning How does it reflect
the character?
Catherine Magic, Greek goddess She appears as a
Hecate supernatural presence to
Also means pure Lockwood and
Young Cathy- could be
seen as pure before the
events of the 2nd half of
the novel.
Isabella Innocent, naive Isabella is innocent and
naïve as she genuinely
believes Heathcliff is a
good man and that he
loves her.
Heathcliff Connections to nature Heathcliff is a natural,
Cliff also has wild character- he likes
connotations of danger spending time in nature.
He is also dangerous,
because of his desire for
revenge- there is
nothing he wouldn't do
to achieve this.
Hareton Connections to nature- Hareton is a natural
hare is an animal character and wild
Hares- often confused character, spends time
with rabbits in nature
Confusion- reflects how
Hareton is confused for
Heathcliff's son
Edgar Wealth and regal Edgar is wealthy and
upper class; the closest
thing Gimmetron has to
Linton After Edgar's surname, Heathcliff hates his son
and Isabella does this is for his name.
to spite Heathcliff.
Hindely Hinder- stop/prevent He stops Heathcliff
being able to marry
Catherine and develop
by pushing him down-
hindering him.
Lockwood Solid and safe, secretive Lockwood often likes to
play it safe- ie he does
not offer to marry YC

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Lockwood is very
secretive- he stays away
from society
Ellen/Nelly Sun ray It could be argued Nelly
is this to Young Cathy,
as she has a strong
loyalty to her.…read more


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