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Writing to Argue, Persuade, Advice
British scientists want to join a mission to put men on Mars in 2009. The cost will be £25
million a year. There are those who believe that the money should be spent on other things
needed by society.
A debate on the issue is to be broadcast on your local radio station and you are to put a
young person's view.
Write out, in full, the speech you intend to make either for or against supporting the
scientists. (27 Marks)
Landing men on the moon has been described as the greatest achievement of all time. Write
a magazine article in which you argue for or against this point of view.
(27 marks)
Each year Mendip District Council spends many hours considering whether or not to grant a
licence to allow Glastonbury Festival to go ahead. Many people and organisations write
letters trying to persuade the Council to their point of view, often objecting to the festival
entirely or wanting to restrict it.
Write a letter to Mendip District Council either persuading them to grant a licence or
persuading them to refuse one for Glastonbury Festival next year. (27 Marks)
Events such as the Glastonbury Festival donate large sums of money to charities.
Write a letter to the organisers of the Glastonbury Festival offering them advice about which
good causes you think should receive money and why. (27 Marks)
`Cycling is dangerous, hazardous and risky and so are cyclists: they should be regulated and
road taxed like any other vehicle user.'
Write an essay in which you argue against this view. (27 Marks)


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