Writing To Argue

I thought I`d share the notes I have revieved for writing to argue.

The notes are not mine, infact I got them in class by the resource from slideshare itself.

I just narrowed it down to a word document.

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Writing to Argue
What is Writing to Argue?
Discussing one point or idea
Considering both points of view balanced
Reach an overall judgement to influence the reader
What is it worth?
Section B is worth 25 marks out of 50
25 marks are worth 25% of the iGCSE
For a Grade C you must:
Use evidence to back up your points (Quotes)
Use PEE Point, Evidence and Explain (MUST)
Use of sentence structure
Use vocabulary
Various punctuation
Have For & Against points
Use paragraphs for structure your writing
Use connectives
What do I need to do?
Use rhetorical devices for effect
Use paragraphs and types of sentences
Use punctuation (MUST)
SPAG Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
Structure writing
Starting points:
Start with a story (anecdote)
Complex list to summarise points
Rhetorical question
Begin with a controversial statement
Link back to what you wrote on the intro
Repeat main arguments
Think about what might happen in the future if others don't agree to what you want

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Sequencing Firstly, secondly, thirdly, finally, next
Adding Also, and, in addition to, as well as
Contrasting Some people believe, however, although
Comparing Equally, similarly, in the same way
What are the rhetorical devices?
Rhetorical questions
List of three
Emotive Language
Facts and opinions
Audience involvement
Personal involvement
Over exaggeration
Expert opinions
Direct address
3 Pros:
Think about three points that support your view
Add evidence statistics, facts and quotation
Explain how these examples support your view and prove your arguments
2 cons:…read more


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