Writing a Story.

This is Part 2 for the Writing Section of the IGCSE English Language Paper 1 Section B (Foundation Tier).

I have made this for myself as I am weak at English, but I hope I can help you with this. Feel free to print and share!

Good Luck on your Exam on the 7th June 2016!

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Writing a Story
What does a good story use?
Character where a personality is revealed or changed.
Setting a place that is described where an action has been occurred.
Mood a feeling that has been shared by the reader that is suitable for the action.
Time defines the limit of the story and around which action is organised.
Technique the use of descriptive writing and dialogue.
Purpose a theme which interests or gives importance to the reader.
What should you also have in your story writing?
Effectively structured
Wide range of appropriate vocabulary
Sentences and paragraphs are effective and varied in length and structure.
Story Mountain:


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