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World War I
Tensions Build: 1900 ­ 1914,
Anglo-German Naval Rivalry,
Great cause of tension, 1898.
1805 Battle of Trafalgar Britain rules the waves unchallenged.
Britain navy number1 in world.
1898: Kaiser ordered new Germany navy built.
Britain felt vulnerable despite being number 1.
Britain's navy spread all over the…

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Army badly equipped but huge.
Overwhelm Germany and Austria Hungary with sheer numbers.
Plan 17: Large attack along Germany border.
Great Britain,
Small, professional army (150,000) sent to France while navy blockades Triple Alliance/Central Powers.
This was a secret plan that Germany didn't know about!
All plans had three…

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Austria Hungary wanted to destroy or control independent nation-states representing the same nationalities as people within
Austria Hungary.
1908: First Balkan Crisis,
Austria Hungary annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Many Serbs in region hoped to join Serbia.
Austria Hungary feared expanding power of Serbia.
Russia and Serbia protested.
Both threatened to take action.…


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