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World Cities

Contemporary Urbanisation processes ­ Urbanisation

Urbanisation: An increase in the proportion of a country's population that lives in towns
and cities. The two main causes or urbanisation are natural population growth and migration
into urban areas from rural areas.

Causes of urban growth
Natural growth:
Young adults have…

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Variations in quality of life
huge divide between rich and poor and 3 types of different housing types
conodominiums ­ luxury housing blocks within the city and on the periphery, protected by
high walls and security gates
Corticos ­ innercity dilapidated rental accommodation in subdivided 19th century tenement
buidings. many…

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A mixture of social and environmental problems brought about by rapid growth and
industrialisation associated with economic development
traditional issues associated wuth the limited availability of goodquality land, shelter
and services such as clean water
problems from rapid industrialisation such as toxic or hazardous waste, water, air
and noise pollution.…


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