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World Cities

Urban decline and regeneration: Urban regeneration

Propertyled regeneration:
Urban Development Corporations
Set up in 1980s and 90s
Responsible for physical, economic and social regeneration of selected innercity
areas with large amounts of derelict and vacant land
Given planning approval powers over and above those of the local authority…

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Developed its tourist potential attracts 2million visitors a year Granda studios,
Manchester museum of science and technology, the GMEX centre and Bridgewater
concert Hall
The CMDC was disbanded in 1996 ­ planning powers have reverted to
Manchester City Council

Partnerships between local and national governments and the private sector

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By 1997 ­ over 40,000 horses had been improved, 53,000 jobs created and 2,000
ha of derelict land reclaimed and more than 3,000 new businesses established

Case Study: Hulme City Challenge Partnership, Manchester
Redeveloped as part of slum clearance programme in the 1960s ­ highrise flats
were built
98% of…

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Case Study: Sustainable communities in London
Labour government states the sustainable communities initiative aimed to ensure communities
Are prosperous
Have decent homes for sale or rent at prices people can afford
Safe guard green and open space
Enjoy a welldesigned, accessible and pleasant living and working environment
Effectively and fairly…


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