World Cities - re-urbanisation

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World Cities
Contemporary urbanisation processes: Reurbanisation
The movement of people and economic activities back into city centres. One characteristic
of reurbanisation is the refurbishment, by more affluent people, of old housing stock in
former rundown innercity areas. This process is known as gentrification
3 main processes
inmovement by individuals of groups into older housing that was in a state of
disrepair and the improvement of that housing ­ gentrification
inmovement by people by people as part of largescale investment programmes
aimed at urban regeneration in a wider social, economic and physical sense ­
property led regeneration schemes
move towards sustainable communities, allowing individuals and communities who
live in city centres to have access to a home, a job and a reliable income, with a
reasonable quality of life and opportunities to maximise personal potential through
education and health provision, through participation in local democracies
The improvement of housing in an area that was formerly poor and run down
Carried out by the residents themselves ­ individual home owners make repairs and
improvements to their own property and over time, if enough houses are improved,
the nature of the whole area improves and draws in more people with money to
invest in their own properties
Change in neighbourhood composition when lowincome groups are replaced by
affluent people. They rehabilitate old houses and streets on an individual basis.
The social mix of an area is changed and becomes more affluent.
Purchasing power of the residents is greater
Rise in the general level of prosperity
Area overall improves
Increase in bars, restaurants and other highstatus services
Refurbishment leads to creation of employment
Value of property goes up
Encourage the improvement of public spaces in the area
People can make profit selling their homes
People on low incomes find it difficult to purchase houses
Size of privately rented property diminished as more are sold off
Friction may arise between newcomers and original residents
Higher rents
Pressure on tenants to move out ­ displacement
Initiatives to encourage reurbanisation
Urban Development Corporation (UDCs)

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Set up to regenerate areas that contained large amounts of derelict land
E.g. London Docklands and Merseyside Development Corporation
UDCS had power to acquire land, clear it and provide infrastructure
Were to encourage the private sector to develop the area
Brought economic developments to areas
Local needs often ignored in interests of outside investors
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