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World Cities

Contemporary sustainability issues in urban areas: Waste management

The average person in the UK produces 517kg of household waste every year
Waste disposal in the UK is efficient so many people are not aware if the problems waste is

Recycling and alternatives

Best way of managing…

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In the UK dried sewage has been used in pellet form as a form of biomass fuel at a
cement works in Derbyshire

Waste is dumped in old quarries or hollows
Nappies account for 15% of household waste and cost £40 million a year to
Convenient and…

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Recycling is an important part of everyday economy ­ people collect and make use
of other people's rubbish
Waste tips are scavenged for any recoverable or recyclable materials
Old tyres are cut up and used to make sandals
Washing machine doors are used as kitchen bowls and the drums as…


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