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World Cities

Urban decline and regeneration: Characteristics and causes of urban

Urban Deprivation:
Inequalities occur in all urban areas enormous contrasts in wealth can be found over
relatively small distances. The wealthy and poor concentrate spatially a form of social
Developers, builders and planners build housing on…

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Causes of innercity decline
More than 4 million people live in the inner cities of the UK ­ these areas are typified by
economic decline, personal poverty, social problems and environmental decay
Economic decline
Widespread movement of employment away ­ fall in traditional industries
Decline in manufacturing accompanied by growth…

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Urban decline elsewhere: Peripheral council estates
Local authorities built estates on the edge of urban areas to house overspill
population and people who needed rehousing because of innercity slum clearing
Consisted of uniform council housing ­ semidetached, red brick with or without
rendering, metal frames windows, small gardens, limited garaging…


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