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4 Efficiency in the economy can only be achieved through the adoptio n
World Bank test what the Bank regards as the policy of structural adjustment (see bel,
5 Poor countries should strive to compe te with the rich nations on the "
of credibility
World Bank president Lewis Preston…

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· - EI Gezira: The Sudan's prime cotton-producing area covering 2
4 Study Figures 2.9-2.11 and
million ha, accounting for most of the nation's export earnings.
decide whether each of the mega Project: From 1952-62,…

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Structural Adjustment Programmes
Another major criticism of the Bank is the terms and conditions under which
poor countries can benefit from the Bank's credit facilitie s, alongside the
requirem ents for the repayment of loans. These are the Bank's policies of
Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) imposed on the poor countries…

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Effects of structural adjustment in Uganda

a str uctural adjustment programme started in Some of thi s growth was a direct consequence of the
Fig. 2.12). In pre vious years, a series of authorities taking a less interventionist approach in the
!1 pre sidents adopted economic policies that had market…

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100 Even if economic growth in Uganda has been
2 achieved by the adoption of a SAP, as some suggest, it
g 80
is apparent that not everyone in the country has
benefited. Development efforts need to be geared
2 60 towards alleviating poverty throughout the whole…


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