Workplace Stress


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2 groups of sawmill workers.
Frankenhaeuser · 1 group repetitive task feeding logs into machine, noisy, social
(1975) isolation, machine dictated speed.
· Minimal control = more adrenaline/noradrenaline in urine.
900 workers for 10 yrs.
Karasek et al · Job titles & selfreport questionnaires.
(1982) · Job stress result of high demand & low control.
· Workers with high stress 1.5x more likely to get CHD during study.
25yr study, 812 workers.
Kivimaki et al
Rewards · Those with an effortreward imbalance 2x as likely to suffer from
cardiovascular diseases than those with their efforts recognised.
17,000 women in Boston, 10 yrs.
Job · High stress occupations 40% greater risk of cardiovascular disease,
Albert (2010)
Security 88% more risk of heart attacks.
· Job insecurity increases chances on CHD & hypertension.
Meta-analysis, 16,000 employees in Europe.
Shultz et al (2010) Workload
· Work under load = highest level of stress related illness.


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