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Working Memory Model (Baddeley and Hitch 1974)
The Central
The inner eye
The Visuo-
Phonological Spatial
store The inner ear Scratchpa
The inner voice
loop…read more

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Amy to Speak…read more

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The Episodic buffer.
This was added as it shows that
there is a link between STM and
Anu to speak…read more

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It has a limited capacity
It is capable of binding together information from
different sources into episodes (chunks)
Its most important function is that it is able to bind
together information to meet the requirements of the
working memory e.g. Baddley uses the example of an
elephant playing ice hockey. This is an image that you
are very unlikely to see but due to the episodic buffer we
can use out knowledge of ice hockey and elephants to
create this image.…read more

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