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Working Late By Louis Simpson…read more

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Louis Simpson
· He was born in 1923 in Jamaica.
· He had a father of Scottish descent and a
Russian mother.
· When he was seventeen he emigrated to
America where he has had a distinguished
career as a literary academic.…read more

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Father is
Disturbed Content to
look at the
A light is on in my father's study. harbour lights
in silence
"Still up?" he says, and we are silent,
Looking at the harbour lights,
Listening to the surf They must live
And the creak of coconut boughs. near the sea.
Alliteration Must be very quiet to
hear the coconut
boughs ­ it is either
night or early morning.…read more

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Ironic ­
passionate about He is a lawyer.
no passion
He is working late on cases.
No impassioned speech! He argues from evidence
Actually pacing out and measuring,
While the fans revolving on the ceiling He is
Winnow from the true to false.
Separates the good
from the bad.…read more

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Once he passed a brass curtain rod
Through a head made out of plaster Pause for
thought for
His father
And showed the jury the angle of fire ­ the jury.
is a Where the murderer must have stood.
workaholic For years, all through my childhood, Ellipses for
If I opened a closet ... Bang! suspense
There would be the dead man's head
With a black hole in the forehead. Onomatopoeia
metaphor Evidence from his
father's work…read more

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No persuasion to make
his mother stay
All the arguing in the world Assimilating his
Will not stay the moon. mother
She has come all the way from Russia
To gaze for a while in a mango tree
And light the wall of a veranda, His mother comes
and visits but does
Before resuming her interrupted journey
not stay for long, just
Beyond the harbour and the lighthouse like the moon does.
At Port Royal, turning away
From land to the open sea.
His mother is gone
His mother does not seem to
be there much during his Uniting contrasts ­ mixed ethnic
childhood. roots, but everyone shares one
moon.…read more

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Preview of page 7

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