Workforce Planning

Everythihng required for the BUSS3 exam about workforce planning

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Workforce planning
The method by which a business forecasts how many/what type of
employees it needs now and in the future according to its needs and
the corporate plan.
This is central to HR management (the activities of them)
1. Identify needs (look at competitors/similar companies how many
managers? Full time? Part time?)
2. Look at the current/existing workforce (what skills do they have?)
3. Identify gaps and vacancies
4. Recruitment and selection
makes sure that you have the right number of staff with the right
skills at the right time
avoids labour shortages
minimizes labour costs by laying people off
These together maximise sales/profits/shareholder numbers
takes time, money and expertise
has to be monitered regularly
only a forecast ­ GUESSWORK!!!!!
cannot predict the future


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