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Work Done, Kinetic
Energy and
Gravitational Potential
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Work Done
· Work done is measured in Joules or Nm
(SI unit)
· Equation for work done is:
WD = Force Applied X Distance Travelled
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Easy questions
· 2) A box is pushed across a floor by a constant
force of 100 N. What is the work done by the
force to move the box 5 m?
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Calculating work done at an angle
When calculating the work done by a force acting at an angle, it is useful to break the
force down into components.
Work is the energy transfer that takes place when a force causes an
object to move.
work done = force applied × distance moved
in direction of force
W = Fs F
The tension in the rope can be broken down into a
horizontal and a vertical component.
The vertical component does no work Fcos
because the box does not move in
that direction.
So to calculate work done by a force at an angle:
work done = force in direction of movement × distance moved W = Fscos
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Easy questions
· 1) A toy car is pulled along by a piece of string
which is at 30° to the horizontal. Calculate the
work done in pulling the toy if the tension in
the string is 10 N, and it is pulled along 5 m.
10 N
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