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Word Classes…read more

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Proper nouns ­ Paris, Andrew, Venus
Common nouns ­ city, man, planet
Concrete nouns ­ computer, hand, house
Abstract nouns ­ friendship, sadness
Collective nouns ­ team, family, flock
Writing that contains a large number of concrete nouns is often
easier to understand than writing that contains a large number of
abstract nouns…read more

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Comparatives ­ hotter, bigger
Superlatives ­ hottest, biggest
Adjectives are a type of modifier
Superlatives are often found in advertisements…read more

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Verbs and Adverbs
Infinitive verbs are the form from which all other forms
of verb are derived.
To be is an example of an infinitive
To run, to walk, to decide etc
Main verbs in a sentence express the main meaning. A
sentence can have more than one main verb.
Auxiliary verbs are placed in front of main verbs
I must have been thinking about something else…read more

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Verbs and Adverbs Pt. 2
There are three primary auxiliary verbs: be, have, do
He is running
Have you spent all your money?
I do want to see you
These are the only auxiliary verbs which can be used as main
She is tall
I have a new car
Modal auxiliaries are only ever used in conjunction with a
main verb
can will shall may must
could would should might…read more

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Verbs and Adverbs Pt.
Present tense refers to activities happening now and can
make a description of an event more vivid and immediate.
Consider the effect of the tense used within a text and any
potential effects if the tense changes within a text.
If a verb is used actively, the person or thing performing the
action is emphasised as the subject of the verb.
The minister has issued an apology
When the passive voice is used, the emphasis shifts to the
object of the verb.
An apology has been issued by the minister
One of the reasons for using the passive voice may be to avoid
drawing attention to the person responsible for an action.…read more

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