Woodrow Wilson's 14 points

The 14 key points I researched for homework, so I thought I'd like to share with you the 14 points Wilson made. Hope this helps you revise! :)

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Woodrow Wilson's 14 points
1. Open covenants of peace, openly arrived at.
2. Freedom of the seas.
3. The removal so far as possible of all economic barriers.
4. The reduction of national armaments to the lowest point consistent with domestic safety.
5. Impartial adjustment of all colonial claims.
6. The evacuation of all Russian territory.
7. The evacuation and restoration of Belgium.
8. The liberation of France and return to her of Alsace and Lorraine.
9. Readjustment of the frontiers of Italy to conform to clearly recognisable lines of
10. The peoples of AustriaHungary should be accorded the freest opportunity of autonomous
11. Evacuation of occupation forces from Romania, Serbia and Montenegro; Serbia should be
accorded free and secure access to the sea.
12. Autonomous development for the nonTurkish peoples of the Ottoman empire; free
passage of the Dardanelles to the ships and commerce of all nations.
13. An independent Poland to be established, with free and secure access to the sea.
14. A general association of nations to be formed to guarantee to its members' political
independence and territorial integrity (the genesis of the League of Nations).


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