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Material Type Properties Uses
Jelutong Hardwood Works easily with hand Model and pattern
and power tools making
Glues, screws and nails Excellent to carve and
Stains, paints and sculpt
Not easily steam bent
Balsa Hardwood Soft and light Softest and lightest
Quite strong for its commercial hardwood
weight Used for buoyancy aids
Quite stable in use Model making
Easiest wood to cut,
shape and sand
Very buoyant
Parana Pine Softwood Hard, straight grain Furniture
Fairly strong General construction
Smooth finish Wood pulp for paper
Glues easily and holds making
screws well
Can distort if not
seasoned properly
White Pine Softwood Works with most carvings and sculptures
machines or hand tools Toys
Carves quite well Novelties
Holds nails and screws Musical instruments
without needing to pre Boxes
drill Matchsticks
Glues paints and Veneer
varnishes well Dowels


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