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Votes for Women Timeline
1839- The custody of children act

1857- Divorce Act

1864- Contagious diseases act (I)

1866- Contagious diseases act (II)

1867- Reform act (on enfranchisement)

1868- Lily Maxwell Vote's

1869- Contagious diseases act (III)

1870- Married women's property act

1882- Married women's property act

1883- The Primrose…

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1910- First conciliation bill

1910- Black Friday

1911- Second conciliation bill

1911- WSPU used arson, bombing and destruction of property

1912- Third conciliation bill

1913- The prisoners temporary discharge for ill-health act AKA the cat and mouse act

1913- The Derby- Emily Davison dies

1914- World War one begins (till…


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