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Women's Liberation
The issues facing American women in the 1960's
1st wave feminism, which ended in 1920 addressed women's political rights
2nd wave, or liberal, feminism addressed economic issues
3rd wave or radical feminism addressed more fundamental issues e.g. female identity
and domestic and sexual relationships.

Women's Problems and Feminist…

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The government refused to enforce Title VII, the part of the act which protected
women. Government inaction spurred women to more radical action and in 1966,
some of the original members of the Kennedy Commission formed a new
campaigning group: The National Organisation for Women (NOW)

The growth of Feminism…

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NOW showed that this Act violated Title VII and the Muncy Act was struck down by
Pennsylvania's highest court.

Radical Feminists: Campaigning for women's liberation
Many radical feminists were originally members of NOW and split away due to their
belief that now was not radical enough. E.g. Kate Millet left…


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