Women in the 1950s and 1960s

Modern World History ocr b, women in britain 1950 and 1960, just a brief presentation.

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Women in the 1950s and
By Deborah Johnson…read more

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Women's role during the war
The economy of the country had to keep going while
most of the men were fighting in the war. So women
flooded into the work place and were recruited by the
Ministry of Labour and the National Services.
Working in the industry
The government set up a Serving in the armed forces
training scheme for Million of women worked in the
women to be working in armed forces
factories Some doing cooking, serving meals
Women worked in the and general clerical work
construction industry, Others had more excitement as radio
chemical industry and operators and signallers.
transport industry
Medical schools were
encouraged to admit
women and were
awarded by the
government grants only if
1 in 6 people were
women.…read more

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Equal pay, Equal opportunities
May people believed equal
opportunities started at school. The
1944 Education Act established the
principle of free education for all
children in primary and secondary
In 1968, 40 women workers at the
In 1951, women in ford factory Dagenham, Essex, went
teaching, the civil on strike over equal pay. After 3
service and local weeks they settled for 92% of what
government started a the men were paid.
campaign for equal pay.
In 1970 Barbara Castle (labour
In 1955, the
government secretary of state for
government agreed
employment, introduced equal pay act
to phase in pay
into the house of commons was
increase in these
approved by both houses of parliament
three area of work
and came into full effect in 1975.…read more

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A woman had the right to choose?
The pill was first introduce
to Britain in January 1961.
The abortion act was crated in
1967. Before this many
women died undergoing
backstreet abortions and self-
induced miscarriages.
The Divorce Reform act was
crated in 1969. Before only the
innocent party in a marriage
could sue for divorce.…read more

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In the 1950s and 60s women
were aloud to wear what they
wanted, which wasn't always
More flesh was
showing, when
wearing mini skirts
and bikinis
They began to wear
more makeup and done
their hair how ever they
liked. Things like hippy beads and
kaftan(flowery dress)were
introduced into the world of
fashion…read more


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