Women During The 20th Century

A powerpoint presentation based on the novel 'An Inspector Calls' which briefly analyses the portrayal of women, during the 20th Century. This is useful when coming to understand the perceptions and views of the time when supporting core facts related to women, their status and their rights.

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An Inspector Calls.…read more

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What is the novel about?
· Written in 1944 but set in 1912, England ­ An Inspector Calls is an
exploration of the good and bad in everyone. It portrays characters
from both sides of the social spectrum, however, presents their two
worlds colliding with something each and every one of them have in
common ­ an important link to the death of a young woman known
as Eva Smith. This well-known novel exceeds the stereotypical
characteristics of the Victorian hierarchy by digging deeper into who
each individual truly is, rather than just accepting who they appear to
be; with this honest and meaningful piece of writing, we are
able to get an insight into three different female personalities,
and from this, obtain a greater understanding of them during the late
19th to early 20th century.…read more

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Eva Smith.
· A lower class citizen who struggled financially and like many other women
of the time, demanded a pay rise ­ this of which then left her jobless,
despite the fact that her fellow, female workers and self were being
overworked and underpaid.
· "One Eva Smith has gone - but there are millions and millions and
millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us..."
There were many, many lower class women during
this period, as well as lower class men. Cheap labour
was something many would become victims of due to
the risk of having no income at all.
· When working in a shop, Sheila Birling (upper-class) had Eva sacked due to
the way she looked at her ­ this presents not only the power wealth could
bring at the time despite how unjust the deed was, but just how worthless
Sheila Birling saw a female of a similar age to her just because she was
lower down in the social hierarchy.…read more

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· Gerald uses Eva (also known as Daisy Renton) as his mistress, despite
having a fiancé. This shows how men were seen as superior as he felt as if
this was perfectly okay.
· In addition to this, Eva Smith (Daisy Renton) visited Mrs Birling's (Mother of
Sheila Birling) charity however was refused help as she exposed the love
triangle between herself, Gerald and Sheila by using the Birling name ­ The
true Mrs Birling could not have their family name being destroyed by gossip
and comments of the affair so therefore sent her away without any help at
all.…read more

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Other Women.
· Sheila Birling and Mrs Birling. Two well off women due to
a family business meant that they had much power over
those of lower classes and at were most naïve when it
came to ethical and moral issues until the very end when
Sheila shows a change of heart, however, Mrs Birling
proves to be stuck with her old, traditional values.
· What does this show? That those who were exposed to
the differentiation in society for a greater length of time
were less willing to change their taught views from over
the years, however, those women of a younger
generation were looking for change and were to a great
extent more willing to alter the outlook on the social
hierarchy and make a difference.…read more


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