WJEC Religion and Medicine

These are the notes I used for my WJEC Religious Studies Specification B-Relgion and Human Experiece Exam. My two religions that I studied were Christianity and Islam. I hope they help!!

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Religion General Christianity Islam
Sanctity of -All the worlds -God is interested and -Every soul has been
life: religions teach that life involved in each humans life. created by Allah.
is special and should -Life is sacred and a gift from -Allah has a plan for each
be protected and God. life.
valued. -Only God should take life -No one has the right to
-They also regard away. take their own life or anyone
each life as unique -Jesus showed in his Else's life.
and valuable beyond teachings that all life should be
measure. valued.
Abortion: -Most teach that all life -Generally, Christians have -Only Allah can take away
is special and should concerns about abortion life.
be protected and because of beliefs in: -Abortion for economic
valued. 1.the sanctity of life reasons is forbidden in the
2.people being in the image of Quran.
God -'Ensoulment' (receiving a
3.all life being precious soul) takes place 120 days
4. References to the 10 after conception, so
commandments. abortion is not allowed after
-The Roman Catholic and that time.
Orthodox churches generally -Abortion to save the life of
are against abortion in any the mother is seen by some
circumstances. to be acceptable.
-Other denominations are -Allah takes a person's
against abortions for social intention (niyyah) into
reasons, but will accept it in account at judgement.
certain situations such as the
mother's life is at risk).
-Many Evangelical Protestants
are against abortion, but
understand it may be
acceptable in some situations.
-Many Christian
denominations leave the
decision to the individuals.
Euthanasia: -Most religions teach -Taking a life is wrong, -Taking any life is wrong.
about the sanctity of because of the belief of the -Only Allah can decide
life, and so have sanctity of life. when a life is taken.
concerns about -Life is a gift from god, and -Suffering has a purpose.
euthanasia. only he can take it away. -Compassion should be
-Most religions see life -Death is not the final end, but shown to those in pain or
as sacred and special. is a 'doorway' to life after suffering.
-Suffering can have a purpose.
-Hospices offer an alternative,
where patient and family are
IVF: -All Religions have -Life is given by God and no -IVF is acceptable if the
some teachings about one has the right to children. sperm and the egg are from
not harming living -All embryo technology is the husband and wife.
things. banned because it involves -IVF is allowed if the male
-Interpretations of growing away some fertilised as a disease.
scriptures. eggs, children have a right to

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Responses depend know who their parents are, -The Qur'an states that
on circumstances in and fertilisation takes outside sperm or semen should not
countries. the sex act. be destroyed or wasted.
-Moral considerations -It is also important for
of the costs. children to know who their
parents are.…read more


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