WJEC Religion and Conflict

These are the notes I used for my WJEC Religious Studies Specification B-Relgion and Human Experiece Exam. My two religions that I studied were Christianity and Islam. I hope they help!!

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Religion And Conflict Christianity Islam
Peace: -Retaliation when wronged is -Islam is from a root word
not helpful; pray for those who meaning peace; submission to
are against you. Allah is how to achieve it.
-Follow Jesus' example and -Allah commanded people to
show love, compassion and live is peace, justice and
kindness and passion to others. responsible brotherhood.
-Jesus called people to the -The Quran teachers seeking of
peacemakers. reconciliation, not revenge.
Conflict and war: -It is sometimes necessary to -The greater jihad is the
go to war - known as a Just struggle against temptation and
war. disobedience to Allah.
-Jesus said 'those who take up -The lesser Jihad - armed
the sword, die by the sword'. conflict - should only be to bring
-Some Christians would say peace and freedom.
Jesus' teachings and example -There are guidelines for
require not taking up any kind of ethically right wars.
violent conflict.
-Loving enemies and praying
for them is a greater victory.
Non-violent protest: -Denominations favour -It is a command of Allah to live
non-violence; Jesus taught and in peace, justice and
showed it. brotherhood.
-St Paul said that Christians -Reconciliation and forgiveness
should obey governing are taught in the Quran.
authorities. -Sometimes it may be
-Non-violence is humane and necessary to use force and
creative. fighting when striving for justice.
-Christians are expected to
sand up for injustice. Eg Martin
Luther King.
The nature and purpose of Suffering has entered the world Suffering:
suffering: as a result of : -is part of Allah's great plan
-free will being given to -is a kind of test-a proving of
humanity one's Faith
-the 'original' choice to be -can lead to good-as when
selfish or do wrong people resist temptation.
-human nature not being Supporting those suffering and
perfect. in need is one of the five pillars
Suffering also results from: of faith, and is an important
-'moral' evil: where people demonstration of the concept of
choose to do wrong. 'ummah' - community.
-'natural' evil: natural events
that lead to suffering
-a finite world: where there are
Suffering can:
-lead to good things
-help develop a person's
-lead to inner strength and
ability to overcome suffering
and succeed
-be a way of participating in the
saving work of Jesus.

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Those suffering should be
helped and supported; this is in
keeping with the gospel
tradition.…read more


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