WJEC GCSE Geography theme 3 notes, unit 2

I was looking for some notes but i couldn't find any useful ones on here so I made some my self!! ;) last minute revision for ur geography exam on Friday 17th of June :D 

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WJEC geography
Theme 3 Economic activity
Employment structure
Primary industries- working with the land or sea [farmer, fishermen, gold miner]
Secondary industries- making things. Manufacturing is another name for this
industry [steelmaking, house construction and car assembly plants]
Tertiary industries- giving/providing a service, NO goods are made in this
industry examples of jobs in this industry are [teachers, nurses, shop
assistants etc.] this industry is also sometimes called a service industry.
Quaternary industries - carry out research, provide information and give
advice. [financial advisers, research scientists, market researchers and football
Employment structure in MEDCs and LEDCs
MEDCs have lots of primary jobs and a few have secondary or tertiary jobs.
LEDCs mostly have jobs/ workers in tertiary industries and a few in primary
Industry as a system
Input processes out put

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Car factory
Input: - *workers [labour] *land *factory *machines *&money
Process: - *component factories make the other parts [wind screens,
seats etc.] * assembly plants put all of the parts together, usually
using a conveyor belt. This moves along and the parts areput
together today often use robots add parts.…read more


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