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Managing Drought In
Barcelona 2008.…read more

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Key Words
A period of drought is a period of time NO rain at all and there be
a national water shortage and plants, forests and green spaces will
MEDC is an acronym for More Economically Developed Country. This
is deferred through the GDP (Gross Domestic Product ­ the amount
of country a country has).
This is the act of turning natural, salty sea water into fresh
drinking and bathing water.…read more

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The Problem
In 2007-08, there was a SEVERE water shortage.
Barcelona had to take severe precautions to avoid running out of
water completely.
In 2008, a drought order was imposed. ­ This restricted water use
for households; watering the garden CONTRABAND & washing the
Water was restricted in public places also.…read more

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