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Triple Chemistry Revision Notes:
Chemical Calculations

Atoms of different elements have different masses. This is determined by the number of protons in
an atom (the atomic mass/ Ar values).

Ar values- Atomic mass. This is the number of protons in the atoms.
Mr values- Molecular mass; this is the combined…

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Worked Example-

10.0cm3 of a solution of Potassium Hydroxide was titrated with a 0.10M solution of Hydrochloric
Acid. 13.5 cm3 of the acid was required for neutralisation. Calculate the concentration of the
potassium hydroxide solution.

Step 1: Write down the concentrations, volumes ad number of moles that you know for…

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Step 4: You now have enough information to work out the concentration of Potassium Hydroxide.
Use the triangle again to find out which formula to use.


Concentration= = 0.135 mol dm-3


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