Wiser Buyer

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Wiser Buyer
Consumers can get information on products and services on:
Citizens Advice Bauru
In store advice
Friends and Family
Consumer Reviews
TV Programmes
Information which is available to consumers
Advantages Disadvantages
Access to a lot of Slow and time consuming
information Information can be
Information can be confusing
accessed from home Can be difficult to judge if
Quick way to compare the website offers
products from different information that is reliable
shops IT skills are needed to
access the internet
Friends and Family
Advantages Disadvantages
Relaxed and informal Information can be biased
Information which is Knowledge is unqualified
relevant to your needs Information my be
Another person's inaccurate
experience using a product
could be valuable

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Consumer Programmes
Advantages Disadvantages
Entertaining Information can be general
Information is well Have to plan when to view
researched and factual programme of specific
Experts are used to present interest
specialist information Information can be
presented too quickly to be
Advantages Disadvantages
Inexpensive Some involve subscriptions
Specialist ­ offer reliable Funded by advertising ­
information difficult to determine
Info can be kept and used independence on
at a later date information
Purpose ­ advertising so it
can be difficult to obtain
factual information…read more

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Difficult to determine the
format quality of information
Readily available
Advantages Disadvantages
Staff have received training Information can be
to give specialist complicated
information Staff can be hard to access
Information is given e.g.…read more

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Car Windscreens
conforms with safety standards.
Each product bearing the symbol
has been tested undependably
CE Mark Shows that a product meets Toys
European Environmental and Telephones
Safety Standards, allows Light bulbs
manufactures to sell their products
within Europe
Harmful Tells consumers a product may be Bleach
harmful if swallowed or inhaled.…read more

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Fairtrade It informs consumers that fair Chocolate
prices have been paid to Bananas
producers, community Coffee
investment, safe and healthy
working conditions and
environmental protection
Soil Sets standards for organic Organic chicken
Association production. Promotes fillets, tomatoes and
biodiversity, recycling and potatoes
reduction of waste. In food
products it means they have been
grown without pesticides and
artificial fertilisers
Energy Labels On white goods such as washing Fridges
machines shows us how energy Freezers
efficient they are.…read more

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Does not assist directly but offers training and support to organisations that do.
· Provides training for NVQs in advice and guidance
· offers workshops through its website
· uses econsultations for socially excluded groups to express concern
· Advise through it's website
Consumer Focus
Statutory organisation set up in 2008 campaigning for a fair deal for consumers across the UK.
Consumer advocacy organisation rather than advice.
· campaigns about a range of consumer issues on their behalf e.g.…read more

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Belfast on consumer issues e.g.
faulty goods
· resolves issues through negotiations
· consumers are treated fairly
· advises consumer of their legal rights under civil law
· gives advice on how to write letters of complaint
· writes follow up letters to organisations e.g.…read more

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Protect consumers and honest traders against unfair trading
· Work with the business community to maintain good practice
· Ensure businesses comply with consumer protection laws
· protect consumers and honest traders from unfair trading
· advises consumers about the law
· ensures goods sold by weight etc are accurately measured
· ensures goods are as described attends court and gives evidence
· ensures estate agents treat buyers and sellers honestly
· handle complaints on illegal trading
· complaints about holiday companies
· enforce trademarks…read more


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