Winslow Homer

Winslow Homer

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Children embodied innocence and the bright
promise of America's future and were depicted by
many artist and writers during the 1870's. In this
picture Homer reminisces about rural simplicity
and he reflects on the challenges of the complex
post-civil War world. This picture shows boys who
are playing a spirit games as they are let out of a
one-room school house and let out free into the
world. As the population shifted to cities little red
school houses faded from memory, this image
shows the nations past. the boys' are bare feet and
in the open which signals childhoods' freedom.
Their game, which requires teamwork, strength
and calculation is linked to the reunited of the
nation. the image from the right hand side to the
left shows the boys who hang on to each other,
strain to stay connected, run in perfect harmony
and fall away which they are enacting all the
possible scenarios for men after the civil war.
(Snap the Whip, 1872 Winslow Homer (American, 1836­1910) Oil on canvas)

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