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Winners : D

In the middle : S

Loosers : (

Key of reasons!
B = The cause is background
C =The cause is competition for jobs
D =The cause is discrimination of some type
O = The cause is new opportunities
S = The cause is a change in…

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During the 1920's sports such as baseball and boxing became very
popular and soon involved big money. Characters such as Al Capone
were baseball fans and Stars such as Jack Dempsey were boxers. S

Film Stars
In Hollywood a major film industry was developing, with films being
produced all year…

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KKK (Up until 1925)
The Ku Klux Klan became a much more widely known and popular
organisation. Its membership numbers rapidly increased and people
soon felt pressurised into joining. A large number of people were
scared by the KKK up until 1925. O/S/D

Republican Party
Throughout the 1920's the Republican…

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sell it to the alcohol industry because of prohibition. They couldn't
sell this surplus and in many cases it was more economical to burn
there crops than to take them to market. Farming was all they had
ever done and so they were unskilled workers, many moved into
cities but…

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major employers even having anti-Jew policies. They were also a
target of the KKK. D

Homosexuals were another group who were becoming discriminated
against more and more including by the KKK. D

Because of the changes in Europe like communist Russia America
became very afraid that the communists…

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Policemen had jobs, and many enjoyed there jobs but they were
much stretched and weren't well paid. It was very difficult for the
policemen to effectively patrol the whole of there assigned area.
Many made more money by taking bribes, for some this was a saviour
and for some…


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